Monday, March 7, 2011

14 Creative Marketing Ideas For Small Business

by Gai Richmen

Let’s face it, sometimes ideas are just hard to come by.

We are so overloaded with things to remember and things to do, that coming up with some newer ways to help promote our business can be challenging.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve jotted down some ideas that appealed to me.

Some I thought of myself, some I discovered through all of my surfing ventures of late.


14 Creative Marketing Ideas

1) Create a calendar to give away. If it applies, and the photos can relate to your business all the better. Of course, this calendar will have your business name and contact information on it!

2) Conduct a free clinic or seminar about a product or service that you offer. These can be webinars as well. They don’t have to be complicated, but they do need to be relevant.

3) Put together a marketing video. Google loves video. When it’s complete, upload it to YouTube and then embed it on your website, and where ever else you can think of.

4) Write an article about what you know and post it on your website, blog, other websites, everywhere! We all know more about something than someone else does, so promote yourself as an expert in that!

5) Write a press release and submit it to your local newspaper. There are also numerous websites that you can submit your press release to, and some of them are free.

6) Create an annual award for something and publicize it.

7) Join your Chamber of Commerce, mostly for the incredible networking opportunities that it will offer you, but also to show your sense of community.

8) Volunteer to give a speech, or for career day at a local high school.

9) Create a customer loyalty program.

10) Create a monthly newsletter and start an email marketing campaign.

11) Team up with a non-competing business to offer a promotional package.

12) If possible, loan your facility out for meetings and other events. This is a great way to spread the word locally about your business and what you can offer.

13) Spotlight a customer as Customer of the Month. Be sure to advertise this in numerous places.

14) Start a blog.